About Us

About Us


ICUBIQ was formerly known as LSS Interior Decoration founded in 2002 when there is a huge demand in tailor-made furniture in Singapore market. We started our company in Johor as the manufacturer for tailor made furniture to serve Singapore interior renovation projects.

In 5 year time, we expanded our business to Kuala Lumpur by setting up another factory to serve the referral customers from Singapore in Kuala Lumpur. From then, we started building up our reputation in Kuala Lumpur development projects. And ICUBIQ was formed to serve the niche market for the wardrobe production with our new invent technology imported from Germany and Korea.

ICUBIQ exist as a one stop service centre, for a hassle free experience – offering the latest interior design concept with exceptional space solutions for a perfect home at reasonable factory prices. We specialise in custom-made furnishing products and a full range of accessories of superior quality to meet the various needs of every unique customer.

We see a home as a comfort shelter, a place you would enjoy spending your time and a place you call it your dream home. At Icubiq, we combine functions and design with a twist of style, and whatever style you desire, we have it all.

We have the expertise in:

Interior Design & Decoration
Interior Design & Decoration

Wardrobe Design
Wardrobe Design and Construction

Coordination and Management
Full Project’s Coordination and Management

Ready Made Furniture
Ready Made Furniture

Mission Statement

We aim to make each project impressive through detailed design, and obtaining the right solution to fit your specific needs.

Code Of Conduct

We are committed to punctuality, creativity, functionality and customer satisfactory.


Most of our clients are end users houses ranging from service apartment, linked house, semi-detached house to bungalows.